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Tha Yale Map Department GIS LibGuide…

March 5th, 2010 Posted in Geographic Information Systems, Home

Yale GIS LibGuide ScreenshotWe’re in the process of building our LibGuide for GIS at Yale, but I though I would go ahead and make it public, since it already has a great deal of information relevant to the Yale GIS Community.

For users, there are links to ESRI Virtual Campus course listings, basic information on how to obtain software and support for GIS at Yale, a calendar feed with the listings for our Yale Map Department GIS Workshop Series and a sidebar widget providing Instant Messaging access to Yale’s GIS Assistant, Stace Maples.  We’ve also provided information on Yale course that are GIS-specific or make extensive use of GIS

For Yale Faculty, IT and Support Staff, there is a section of Installation Guides and various whitepapers on GIS infrastructure planning as well as links to the software packages most useful to GIS users

Look for new sections with access to Yale and non-Yale GIS tutorial materials, as well as a Data Links section to help users begin the search for GIS data relevant to their area and application of interest.

All of this and more at: